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Malinda Mims

Founder of T.A.C.T.


T.A.C.T. Has Solutions for Corporate, Student & Parental Training & Development

T.A.C.T. Training Solutions

is an organization that helps adults and students build vital life skills for success in today vigorous world.  We do this by consulting with and assessing the needs and objectives of the schools, organizations and associations we partner with; and then crafting customized educational, training or development solutions that are engaging, empowering, enriching and highly effective for the youth and adults that we serve.

T.A.C.T. delivers empowering, engaging, highly effective, impactful and professional development workshops and educational programs in schools and organizations throughout the Greater-Detroit area.  Malinda Mims of T.A.C.T. brings a passion for people and professionalism.  With over 17 years experience, it makes a difference!