1. a sense of what is fitting and considerate in dealing
with others, to avoid giving offence or to win good
will; discretion
2. skill in handling difficult or delicate situations;

Synonyms: ability, acumen, common sense, consideration, discernment, good taste, intelligence, judgment, refinement, skill, tactfulness, understanding.

Examples: TACT and grace go a long way no matter what the negotiation.

Our Story

T.A.C.T. Training Solutions (TACT) is an organization that helps adults and students build vital life skills for success in today’s world. TACT does this by consulting with and assessing the needs and objectives of the companies and schools that we partner with; and then crafting customized educational, training or development solutions that are engaging, empowering, enriching and highly effective for the adults and youth that we serve.

TACT has effectively planned, developed, facilitated and/or managed a variety of Training and Development Workshops, Youth Academic Enrichment Programs and Parental Involvement Activities within organizations throughout the Detroit-Metropolitan Area; and our facilitators and programs consistently receive positive evaluations, feedback and results from participants. We’ve got the data to prove it.

“Vital Life Skills For Success in Today’s World”

Meet the Founder

Native-Detroiter, Malinda Mims, founder of T.A.C.T. Training Solutions is a passionate people-person and experienced corporate trainer. Malinda brings over 17 years experience in training, education and engagement-related disciplines, and a proven track record of delivering research-based, high-quality training programs in a professional and ethical manner.

Malinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management, an Associate degree in Business Administration, is a Certified Trainer, Certified DiSC® Trainer (also called Human Behavior Consultant), Certified Social-Emotional Learning Program Leader, and has certificates in Bullying prevention, intervention and response.